Emma and Jeff Zimmerman's restoration and relaunch of the historic Hayden Flour Mills was on our radar – or in our kitchens –  long before they came to us for a redesign of their entire packaging line, and the chance to dress up their heritage grains in new clothes was a dream project from the start. Pursuing a design that called back to the history of the mill as much as the sweetness we like to imagine could be found in the packaging that used to be on our Pantry shelves, the new line of 25+ products found its way onto the shelves of Eataly and claiming its own Martha Stewart American Made award within months of the redesign, though that might be 1/10th coincidence, the new design a helpful adjunct to the respect of the Zimmermans for their growers, millers, and the health and quality of those great grains.

Visit: www.haydenflourmills.com

Hayden Flour Mills-Product Line
Emma and Jeff Zimmerman, Hayden Flour Mills

In addition to the packaging solutions and design, we provided copywriting across the line, keeping all of the crackers, grains, and mixes together in a conversation that is as homey as it is (occasionally) cheeky, and as wholesome and unaffected as the grains.

Hayden Flour Mills crackers
Hayden Flour Mills cracker box

Our packaging solutions extended all the way to the creation of dielines for several product sizes and weights, from glue-lines to flood colors, responsive design elements to substrate choices. More than 20 different prototypes of various sizes, still on the shelves here in the office, are testament to the time we put into making sure the final boxes were as near to huggable as they could be. And trust us, you might actually want to hug one of these if you could, and certainly take one home.

Hayden Flour Mills large boxes
Hayden Flour Mills Stone Ground Oatmeal
Hayden Flour Mills Flour and Grain Boxes
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