Rachel's Ginger Beer had its beginnings in the kitchen of Delancey, after service hours... if not a decade before, when its founder began traveling in Europe and discovering the far more potent ginger beers there. With rather ad hoc labels when we first came on, we worked piece-by-piece on a logo, packaging, copywriting and identity that today can be seen on bottles that make their way around the country, on boxes that ship RGB to a million (estimated) different restaurants, and even as a delicious neon sign hanging above Pike Place Market's most rewarding storefront.

Rachel's Ginger Beer bottles

Before it made its way to the sides of bottles and boxes, "Great Root for Better Days" was the first piece of our copywriting campaign, and the one we never tired of repeating – a succinct, charming summary of our own great feelings for an exceptionally strong & revivifying ginger beer. We worked from the ground up on an identity that would look and feel just as refreshing: packaging and logo elements calling back to our love of (and history with) union insignia and 'branding', and graphics that announced the new brand with the off-kilter balance and bold messaging of a Constructivist broadside.

Rachel's Ginger Beer Business Cards
Rachel's Ginger Beer Windows

Early websites needed above all to convey the sensibility and almost defiant striving for quality in the face of so many uninspired, default sodas that seemed to be appearing almost monthly. Each page of the website was pretty much its own poster, and to this day appear on Pinterest boards and in write-ups on the brand as the better examples of RGB's personality.

Rachel's Ginger Beer-Original Website
Rachel's Ginger Beer-Original Website
Rachel's Ginger Beer-Original Packaging
Rachel's Ginger Beer-Original Website
Rachel's Ginger Beer-On ice
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